A visit to the mysterious 'Marie Stopes Clinic' was the beginning of an amazing journey…

The Condition

“Come quick, Doctor! Come quick!” shrieked Nurse Baker. “Mrs Dalglish in Cedar Ward has eaten all the things.”

“Eaten all the things?” said Doctor Porter.

Along to Cedar Ward went trotting Doctor Porter and Nurse Baker.

It was true. Mrs Dalglish, in Cedar Ward, had eaten all the things. The dialysis machine was gone, the fruit bowl was gone. The wall-mounted television set was no more, and part of a bed was just disappearing into Mrs Dalglish’s mouth at that moment. The crumbs of a cabinet spotted her blouse. But there she stood, still as tiny as when she’d been admitted with acute aura failure. The Aura Dialysis Machine was the only one of its kind, on loan from the States and worth a million dollars.

“That’s really annoying,” said Doctor Porter.

“It is,” said Nurse Baker.

“Some people can eat what they like and not put on an ounce. Bitch.”


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